First time to Panama. need help
  • We are in our 60's. Active, like fun,, dancing, good food beach , sightseeing, not much climbing.
    Have 10 days over the Xmas/NYE holiday. We dont know where to start and where to stay. We prefer h 4 or 5 star hotels. Any suggestins what we should do and stay and see?? Beach or city ??? perhaps a little of both.


  • Stay at El Panama Hilton or the Intercontinental. Both are great; the Intercontinental is my personal preference. It has a casino on the first for. Both are in the ritzy "banking" district. Rent a car; taxis can be scary.....
  • Not sure what Pablo is talking about re taxis. They are cheap and easy to get around in for Panama City. It's MUCH more scary driving yourself here unless you're used to it. Try driving next to a bus that suddenly changes lanes without any signaling, happens all the time.

    If you want to get out into the country you can take buses unless you want to go off the beaten track, then rent a car.

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