Transport in Venice
  • I'm travelling to Venice in october, and need help with transportation. There are so many different cards and buses, ie water bus, land bus, vaporetto. Please help, need to know how to get to airport and from airport. I have no clue what is the best route.
  • Hello, I'm Franck from Sicily and I will try to help you understand better. First of all, visit this website:, it could help a lot!
    As for the shuttles from the airport:
    If you ever need a tour guide for the Southern Italy jewels, please visit my page:
    I hope I could help you!
    Enjoy your trip!
  • Thank you Franck
  • HI, im travelling to Venice in Feb 2012, but unfortunately booked the flight to Treviso airport, please could you let me know how can I get from Treviso airport to Venice please?

    Many thanks

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