things must done in paris ??
  • i went to Paris last april with my family was really a nice idea to discover Paris we went to disney , made a tour
    visited tour Eiffel
    and our hotel was a 3 stars hotel near the champs elysees
    this time i m dreaming to go to paris in my Honeymoon
    i feel romance there
    but yet i feel that i didn't enjoy being there ,,i want to know where can we go me and my fiancee !!
    this will be in the early november starting from the 6th or the 7th of november
    and how the weather will be in this time of year ?
  • High Salma,

    First thing first, Paris is expensive, so make sure you have deep pockets.

    For a honeymoon I'd do three things.
    1. Take a bateau mouche down the river Seine at night. These are glass roofed boats, have a a good meal often to appropriate, live music.

    2. Visit a shop specialising in the sale of chocolate. Paris does this very well.

    3. Visit the church of Sacre Coeur in Montmatre. Its a bit of a climb to get there but the church is beautiful inside.

    Bonne chance.

  • merci A vous :)
  • Paris is a lovely place and every corner on the city centre has a breath-taking landmark. I usually walk in the centre. Taxi is also not expensive and the traffic is not too bad if not in rush hour. If you want to see the city, try and avoid metro.The big problem about Paris is that there are just too many things to be seen. Most of them are unmissable. Last time I went to the 'saint chapele' , not far from the notre dame cathedral, and it was the most beautiful experience.
  • Hey it looks simply amazing to know so much
    Paris is going to be great place to visit....
    i would be extremely happy 2 visit Paris....

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