Trip to Istanbul - advice welcomed
  • Greetings!

    We are going to Istanbul on 17Jul with our 2 kids aged 8,10. Booked this hotel named Golden Palace which is behind the blue mosque (anyone heard of it?), less worried about the transfer from SAW now that the hotel has agreed to pick us up.

    Currency: Anyone know what the rate is if I changed from pound to lira in Turkey now? If we can get a rate of 2.9+ here in UK should we exchange most here or should we still leave the bulk until we reach Turkey? The hotel asked for euro payment, what is the rate if I changed pound to euro now in, say, the post office in Turkey (I can then compare with, say, M&S rate here today).

    Travel Cost: We will be using the public transport a lot such as trams and ferries. Is it best to get those oyster equv. cards, even for children?

    Beaches/seasides: Have only booked 5 nights in the Golden Palace during our 7-night stay in Istanbul. Was thinking of spending remaining 2 days in a hotel nearby a beach. Prefer somewhere quite near, so maybe sile, agva or Princes Islands? Really for the kids' enjoyment after 5 days in a busy city. Any suggestions re. venues or hotels?

    Many thanks
  • Well the rate seems to be falling a bit here now 2.87 at close and a poster has said the same about the rate in the UK. 2.52 lira to the Euro. That's Garanti bank in Turkey.

    Sorry can't help with the other queries.
  • Thanks for your help Clarecg

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