Applying UK Visa with a passport expiring soon
  • My main question is: If my passport is expiring in 4-5 months, in January 15th 2012, Can i apply for a 4 yr UK Tier 4 Student Visa on this passport or does my passport NEED to be valid for atleast 6 months?


    My full case: I have just recieved confirmation about my offer at Cambridge for Engineering. I am an international student (Indian). I have a problem regarding my passport. My current passport is expiring in January 15th 2012 (4-5 months validity left), and hence i have applied for a new passport which the indian embassy said will take 2-4 weeks more. This would mean i will not be able to get my UK visa on time.

    On some websites i have seen that to apply for a Tier 4 UK Visa, the passport needs to be valid for atleast 6 months. I have contacted the consulate here, but they have been giving me mixed answers, which has confused me. Hence I would like to know if anyoe can adivse me regarding the 6 months validity requirement? Will i be allowed to apply for a Tier 4 UK visa in germany (I am curently living in germany) with my current passport that is expiring in January?

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