Turkey in Winter by motorhome....
  • Hello there....

    We are thinking of spending a couple of months living in our motorhome in Turkey during winter.... walking, scuba diving etc has anyone got any advice?

    Are there any restrictions on vehicles entering Turkey? Taxes... Fees etc?

    Is "wild camping" permitted or is it campsites only?

    Where would you recommend for scuba diving.... warmer days? I've got plenty of winer woolies for the evenings haha...

    Thanks in advance for any comments.... im soooo..... excited so i hope its good news but words of warning are also welcome

    Moo :o)
  • This is the most comprehensive set of information on motorhome travel in Turkey - start here and you will probably find everything you need: www.magbaztravels.com/content/category/8/71/30/


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