Departure tax at Malaga Airport
  • Does anyone know for sure what (if any) departure taxes are payable at Malaga Airport. Several web sites say that there is no longer any Spanish Departure tax payable but Monarch Airlines insist there is and charge E13.35.

    In 2009 a certain Mr OLeary slammed the British Government for increasing these taxes and congratulated the Dutch and Spanish Governments for removing them.

    Any help much appreciated.
  • Ryanair has just started emailing passengers departing from Spain, to the effect that the Spanish government is introducing departure taxes, and that they (Ryanair) will "of course" be obliged to collect them from all departing passengers.

    Ryanair are masters of deceit and inconsistency when it comes to adding "taxes and fees" - and frequently advertise special "no taxes" fares. But their T&Cs do allow them to add them subsequently.
  • THE above comment is interesting I HAVE JUST received a e-mail saying there is a new departure tax as of 1st JULY ACCORDING TO __BLAH BLAH BLAH So are you telling me Him being Conned by RYANAIR ?
  • I also have just received an email saying the same thing. Does anyone know if this is true as I cant see anything on the web
  • I have receieved e-mail from Ryan Air about the Spanish Departure Tax. Is it a one of payment for a return journey? Or do you pay both ways? Also how much is it? Is it for each passenger? Any help please
  • I too have just received or is that deceived the dredded email,you couldn't possibly charge both ways if it is just a departure tax and not an incoming tax,it seems a bit rich as this was announced after you've booked and payed for your fares well in advance.
  • Seems strange that ryanair state that any new bookings made after the 2nd.july already includes the tax and yet they don't tell prepaid customers what the additional tax will be when they sent out the emails.
  • Yup, just got it too. They want to apply mine retrospectively even though I booked months ago. Unbelievable. There are 7 of us flying in 2 weeks' time. So much for cheap flights. Does anyone know how much it is going to be?
  • and the same here....been trying to find out how much extra this "MAY" cost me ,with no joy
  • i have also recieved this email, I just want to know how much it costs and how can they charge it to customers booking after the 2nd of July if the spanish have'nt actually confirmed it. I wouldnt be suprised if they just charged it anyway money grabbing bastards.
  • There is an increased tax being implemented by the spanish government. You can read more here:

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