Anyone going to CUBA from LONDON?
  • Hi everyone, i hope this message will not sound too weird.

    I am a 23 years old italo-cuban girl living and studying in London.

    I got family in Cuba and I need to send them few stuff. If you already been to Cuba before, you can understand how difficult it is for them to buy anything.

    The stuff includes mostly : CLOTHES and TOILETERIES.(plus shoes,glasses,watches,toys and a mobile phone)
    NOTHING ILLEGAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I AM PREPARE TO PAY ANYONE WHO OFFERS TO BRING ME SOME OF THIS STUFF, in relation of the space left in your suitcase. I tried to ask this as a personal favour but no one ever replied so we can make a deal: I WILL PAY EACH KILOGRAM!!!
    Of course, you can check the stuff before and decide what do you prefer to bring.

    In addition I can arrange my family to help you during your holiday in La Habana like showing you the city, possibly bringing you around with the car or whatever... just ask me. May be we can arrange you to stay in their house for FREE!This is up to you.

    Now you might ask yourself why I am not sending things with the DHL or other companies. The answer is that the DHL is TOO EXPENSIVE: for 1 kg the ask to pay £ 84.45 ( you can check in their website: ) while with the others companies it is likely that the package will never arrive.

    If you have any other question please do not hesitate to contact me. This is my email:

    Hope someone will replay,
  • You shouldn't be offering free accommodation in a private home, that's completely illegal without an A2 Family Visa.

    Lastly, all the items you're listing are easily obtainable in Havana so simply sending money is way easier than asking a stranger to mule all that stuff down for you.

    Good luck.

  • You are right about the fact that it is easier to send money but with my student budget my family will probably buy just 1/10 of what i bought with the same amount of money since i have been shopping at primark or get unused cloth from friends etc. Do u have any idea about the prices in cuba ?
    Frankly, i cannot afford to do that, it will be much more cheap if i pay someone to bring my stuff there.

    Secondly,accommodations in private houses it s PERFECTLY LEGAL if the house got the PERMISSION. This are called CASAS PARTICULARES ( check on te internet for more informations), an illigal version of this is pretty common. My family do not have this permission but in the case the got court nothing happend to the tourist: provisions are all on the back of the house holders. And don't tell me the story that no one ever slep in some private house in cuba because this is a common practice for tourists.

    By the way i appreciate your answer so i had the opportunity to clarify more points.

    P.s: know that we are living in a mad world that you cannot trust even your neighbours but i m just asking to come and show you what to bring, and that you can decide if to accept or not! I am pretty sure that no one ever hided drugs or what ever in some T-shirts if this is your thought and if it is the only thing someone would ever bring for me.

    Erika Kaye
  • P.p.s: if anyone wants to make sure that the stuff i ask to bring is nothing illegal and you have time to spend i can go shopping with you so you are finally sure that there is nothing wrong with it.
  • 1.) "... My family do not have this permission..."

    That's my entire point. Your family's house is not a legal casa particular therefore it is illegal for any foreigner to stay there so that is NOT something that you should be offering to an unsuspecting tourist who you are asking to do a favour for you.

    2.) "... And don't tell me the story that no one ever slept in some private house in Cuba because this is a common practice for tourists..."

    Illegal accommodation is NOT a "common practise" for tourists. The vast majority of tourists who are travelling independently stay in legal casa particulars or hotels. Local CDRs and Inspectors all over Cuba and especially in Havana are more vigilant than ever right now regarding illegal accommodation because the market for legal casas is so competitive and taxes are so high.

    3.) Totally understand your point about things being cheaper in the UK than in Cuba. Your money goes a lot further in the UK than it would in Cuba, that's for sure.

    Good luck.

  • Well, you are right but not in saying that is not a common practice. May be it is not for british tourists but it is really common,trust me!

    Secondly, is not that i am offering it at all. What i wrote ( that it might had been missunderstood since my english is not that good) is that i ll PAY the person to bring the stuff to cuba.That is the deal. I am offering something that someone might accept withouth further negotiotions. Plus, if the fact that i am going to pay this person ( that obviously i cannot spend too much on it) and if asked and in consideration of the favour of carrying the stuff to my family , my family can help them to visit the city or stuff like that and i might be able to arrange a free stay in their house. Take this point in consideration is up to the person. What is sure is that i ll prefer that this person would not sleep there since my family can get into troubles but if it is necessary and they agree we ll be happy to do so.
    I could had said that they got the permission and for sure most of the people would not had noticed any difference while their staying , not because they are idiots , but simply for a lack of knowledge.

    Well, hope you are going to have a nice day and thanks for the replay,
    Erika Kaye
  • Good luck.


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