Things to see and do in Patmos
  • I'm travelling on vacation to Greece with my family next summer, and one of the places I'd like to visit is Patmos. As a Christian, it would be a special experience to see the place where the book of Revelation was written, so it's important to us to go.

    My question is, what is there to do in Patmos? Is it the kind of place you stay at for several days or a week, or can one take a day trip there. Are there things to do for children in Patmos? What is the best way to get to Patmos?

    Thanks for your help. If anyone can recommend family-friendly accommodation in Patmos as well, I would appreciate it.
  • Patmos is beautiful...
  • Hi Seth,

    Patmos is off the beaten path for many tourists in Greece, but it is a lovely island. Check out this guide for more info.
  • Try to check some sites that would offer the best thing to do at Patmos.

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