Is it safe for women to travel to airport alone?
  • Hi

    I may have the opportunity to join my parents on their holiday to Hammamet. They are going with a big group of friends for 2 weeks, and I would travel with them to the resort, but would not be able to stay for the full 2 weeks and so would have to travel home alone. I have been looking at getting a shuttle / transfer bus from the hotel to Tunis airport, but am concerned that this may not be safe? Am I also likely to get hassle at the airport? Any advice greatly appreciated as I could do with some sun, but don't want to spend the whole time worrying about my journey home! Thanks in advance.

  • Tanya - you will not have a problem. The hotel/airport transfers are safe, you won't be hassled either on the way, on the bus or at the airport. Not sure what will happen when you arrive back in your country though!!
  • Hi Lesley

    Thank you so much for your reply! Can you recommend a reliable transfer company??

  • Tanya - I hope you are aware that Hammamet is some distance from the capital Tunis?? Maybe it would have been better to fly into Enfidha but I can recomment: and A2B - they both provide fairly reliable pick up/drop off. You can find them with a search on the web.
  • Thanks again Lesley! I have been looking for flights from Enfidha, but can't seem to find any, but have found some good deals for Tunis. I will be travelling with the group to Tunisia, just need a one way flight home, and can't seem to get one way flights from Enfidha!!

    One final question, how far is Hammamet from Enfidfha and Tunis? I'm not 100% certain that i will be going yet, just wanted to know all the facts beforehand so that I am ready to book if/when I get the chance!!
  • Hammet is about 30 Kms from Enfidha and around 70 kms from Tunis airport. But even it looks short it can take quite some time depending on road works (constant) and the traffic.

    Hope you do get the chance to visit as Tunisie is wonderful
  • Thank you so much for all your help Lesley!! Fingers crossed I will be visiting Tunisia very soon!
  • Hi i am going to Hammamnet Tunisia in September for ten days on my own i have been before with three other girls last year and well put it this way they were a nightmare so i decided to book again for this year but on my own. I have booked through Thomas Cook and i will be going to the same resort. Is it safe for me to travel on my own.


  • Cara, yes it will be safe for you to travel on your own. Just use common sense, make sure you know where all your personal belongings are, don't walk down dark streets at night etc etc. Same as anywhere.

    Have a nice vacation
  • Hi going on a family holiday arriving at enfidha airport, but my daughter has a commitment which means that although I had booked a package holiday she now cannot come on that date so she will need to travel on her own two days later, a one way ticket, then travelling back with us. She is eighteen years old will she have any problems at the airport or getting to the hotel, very worried
  • Lovey ear, Ask her to carry all her necessary proofs/documents so that she can get flight and hotel easily. Many times I have seen people forget to carry their important proofs and because of that they need to face lot of disturbance. So suggest your daughter not to do these things and don't worry she is 18+, so nothing to worry.

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