Visiting fiance in Qatar
  • my fiance has recently moved to qatar to work he is tunisian and i am british i would like to go over and visit him in a few months but would like to know how safe it would b to do so as a female going alone and does ny1 know how it would work regarding spending time together ie i would b stayn in a hotel but could he visit me there? , can i visit him in his apt?,could we both stay in a hotel together?i am aware of of islamic cultures and laws but just wondered if any one could give me some honest advise thank you in advance
  • Hi Suzanna - out sister site has just published this really great guide to living and working in Qatar:

    There are good section on Culture:
    and the rights of women:

    These will help answer your questions and put your concerns to rest.

    In a nutshell though, you should be absolutely fine to visit Qatar which is not nearly as puritanical and orthodox as many other Arab countries.

    Please let me know how it all goes!
  • Hi there.

    Links sent by Mr David are 90% based on facts, so follow and have a enjoyable stay at Doha.. :)

    David & me both expect Yr feedback tt, how you experience Doha, QATAR!!
  • thank you both i will indeed prob wont b able to go till jan but will def keep u updaed thanx
  • hiya just thought id pop by and say thank u for ur advice on visiting qatar i finaly made it over for a visit last month and it was fab we had an amazing time and found it to b a lovely country and interesting place to visit ur advice was much apreciated thank ux

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