Does U.S. Permanent resident need a visa to Italy?
  • Hi everyone! I got a big question. I am Ukrainian citizen. I have a Green Card and currently I live in the U.S. I want to go to Italy and as I am Ukrainian citizen, I do not belong to European Union so "theoretically" I need a Visa to enter Italy. BUT, I have that Green Card that makes me feel that maybe I don't need a Visa:). Please, help if anyone know anything about it.

    Appreciate it!
  • Whether or not you require a visa for Italy with depend solely on the nationality of your PASSPORT, not your relationship with the government of the US. So, unfortunately, as a Ukranian citizen, you WILL require a visa.
  • You need a Visa...

    George B.
  • Having a green card doesn't mean you can do anything without anything. ofcourse you will have a visa upon going to the place.

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