Cost of living, in Pune, Mumbia
  • Hello

    Leaving in a few weeks (November 2011) to Pune, Mumbia. Could anyone please help with accomadation costs, areas, names of accomadation and places to shop and eat.

    I suppose I dont want much, but any advice would be helpful to do with staying long term in these areas please...

    How much would you put together for monthly cost, for 2?

    Would you rent and where, or live long term in guest houses?

    how much to eat out and also to eat in?

    Meeting people?

    Available work?

    I am sure you have all seen these questions before, but I would really appreciate your help and advice...

    Thank you for your time and advice

  • Hi Mr. T - check this site's guide to moving to Mumbai - lots of info on accommodation, prices, working etc: Expat Arrivals Moving to Mumbai guide.
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