Women wear trouser in Lagos
  • I read that women are to avoid wearing trousers in Nigeria even in Lagos. Is that correct?
  • Hi Larkin,

    it is total false about your assertion on women prohibited from wearing trousers in Nigeria

    Women dresses elegantly in Nigeria and other parts of the country and so, you may choose to dress fashionably if you desire so.

  • Where do some of you people get all this false information about Nigeria from? Goodness. Lagos has some of the best dressed women IN THE WORLD. And wearing trousers is absolutely no big deal whatsoever. Good gracious!
  • There are places where women do not wear pants or trousers, for example there have been instances where (local) women have been beaten in South African townships. While that's obviously a long way from Nigeria, the tendency of news reports and information overseas to be generalised to 'Africa' is widespread.

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