is it safe in kenya
  • I want to travel to kenya next march, but I want to know is it safe in kenya? i heard there were somalian pirates attacks, is it safe on the coast or in nairobi? please help me thanks.
  • if you stay inland you should be fine. I would avoid lamu but mombasa town itself is self.
    We are travelling in March too but are staying in Nairobi and Eastern Province-
  • hi,
    Kenya has always been a safe destination for both locals and tourist and now the threat of pirates and insecurity has been solved with the incursion in Somali {Mogandishu, kismayu, Horh of Africa and the Red sea/Indian ocean coastline} to smoke out the Al shambaab group.
    the threat was only an isolated case and since the authorities have put practical measures and i can assure it okay now and we believe the future will always be.

    enjoy your flight

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