Is a deferred sentence considered inadmimissable to Canada?
  • Once completing a deferred sentence or a delayed sentence will that bar me admittance to Canada? Once I am finished with my probation, there will be no conviction on my record. I would like to visit Quebec next summer with my husband.
  • Just don't say that you have been convicted of a crime in the US. They CAN'T access to American law enforcement agencies' database. They way they are doing is googling. If you have been on newspapers or you are in a state where your jail record and mugshot can go online then they can simply google your name and find out that you went to jail, otherwise they won't know it if your jail record doesn't show up on the internet. Canada and America don't share their national criminal databases yet.
  • Is what CCC said above correct? Do CBSA agents have access to criminal records in the US or not? Do they really google your name even at the airports?

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