Special party for New years eve tour Morocco's desert,
  • Hii !!

    I'm traveling to Morocco this year , my trip star from tanger , i will go to visit the desert ,
    i booked a desert tour with a Moroccan desert team (Morocco-Excursions . com )from fes to Merzouga .
    some one can help me , i need some infos , how is the best to go from Tanger to Marrakech in car or in Bus ?

  • You go by train from Tanger to Marrakech as it is a ten hour journey.
    The fare is 190Dh€19 second class or 290Dh/€29 first class.
    As it is such a long way you could get the overnight sleeper, not sure what the costs are at this point.
    Several trains per day, six I think, a very dull journey.
  • Hi friend

    Thank you very much for your help


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