Visa for Tunisia
  • Hi, i have a Zimbabwean passport but currently living in the Uk and have indefinate leave to remain. I am hoping to go to Tunisia in the Summer on holiday. Do i need a visa, how much will it cost & what are my chances of being accepted??

    Thanks for your help!
  • You will require a tourist visa.
    Full details available from Tunisian Visa Section
    29 Prince's Gate
    SW7 1QG Tel. 0207 584 8117.

    Also see: Tunisia Visa Requirements.
  • Hi! I am South African - do I need a visa for Tunisia?
  • Yes you will require a tourist visa. You will need to contact the nearest Tunisian Embassy as this visa needs to be arranged prior to arrival.
  • I am american living in a military community in Germany what type of documentation to I need for travel?
  • I am a Ghanaian living in Ghana, do i need a visa to enter Tunisia? and how do you obtain a visa if there is no embassy in Ghana
  • I am a Vietnamese, live in Vietnam, i want to apply for Tunisia tourist visa, but there hasn't any Embassy of Tunisia in Vietnam, may i apply online or some one can help me ??? Any useful information always really be appreciated.

    Thank so much
  • Taken from

    Citizens of United States residing in Germany have 2 options to apply for a visa to Tunisia:

    1. Apply for a visa to Tunisia through and FedEX the original passport, prepaid self-addressed international return label, and supporting documents, if any, to our office in United States.

    Please note that it is not recommended to stay in Germany without a passport. Courier services may also refuse to accept passports for international delivery. If you still decide to mail your passport to us for processing please indicate on the label that you are mailing "Personal documents".

    For frequent travelers it is recommended to apply for a second passport which will make it convenient to apply for visas while abroad.

    2. Apply for a visa to Tunisia in person at the nearest consulate of Tunisia in Germany. Please note that the application procedures and fees may vary depending on where you apply. If there is no consulate of Tunisia in the Germany there might be a consulate of Tunisia in one of the neighboring countries that covers the jurisdiction of Germany

    Citizens of Ghana residing in Ghana have to apply for a visa to Tunisia in person at the nearest consulate of Tunisia in Ghana. Please note that the application procedures and fees may vary depending on where you apply. If there is no consulate of Tunisia in Ghana there might be a consulate of Tunisia in one of the neighboring countries that covers the jurisdiction of Ghana.

    Citizens of Vietnam residing in Vietnam have to apply for a visa to Tunisia in person at the nearest consulate of Tunisia in Vietnam. Please note that the application procedures and fees may vary depending on where you apply. If there is no consulate of Tunisia in Vietnam there might be a consulate of Tunisia in one of the neighboring countries that covers the jurisdiction of Vietnam.
  • I am a perement resisdance in canada. I have a jordanian passport and my wife is tunisian.. where I need to apply for visa. can I apply in montreal or ottwa.
  • I am British going to Tunisia for 2 weeks in July, do i need a VISA? Also, what would an avergae dinner out cost? Is it London prices or cheaper than that over there? I can read through websites all day, but is it politically stable there at the moment? Thanks
  • Hi BG - You will need a visa for Tunisia. You can get this on arrival at the airport. You will need Tunisian Dinar 35.000 but you can't get this currency outside the country. It is complicated - you go to the visa window, they will tell you to go through customs (without your passport) to the cash machine. then you go back to the window and they will process your visa. This can take sometime especially if they are busy. My advice is if you have time get your visa before you travel. Believe me it will save the hassle.

    Your GBP will take you a long way here in Tunisia and it is much, much cheaper than London. It is politically stable there are no problems here at all.

    Average price for dinner will depend on where you go and what you eat and of course where you are in Tunisia. In Tunis, the prices are higher than the smaller cities and of course in the touristique areas such as the tourist beaches you will pay more. On average eating well in Tunisia will only cost you probably around TD10-TD15 and remember there is no alcohol here - only in the bigger hotels. You can find some bars though.

    I live here in Tunisia and I love it and I hope you will have a wonderful vacation.
  • I am Australian in the UK at present and looking to go to Tunisia for a week. Do I need a visa before I leave or can I get one on arrival?

  • Hi,I'm a Polish national residing in the UK. I'm planning holiday to Tunisia this september, do I need a visa?

  • im irish heading to tunisia in december do i need a visa?
  • hi, I am From Colombia and planning to visit Tunisia, do I need a Visa?
  • I am going to Tunisia in Nov. I was told by my Tunisia travel agent that I can make my visa upon arrival at the airport in Tunisia. Is it true?
    We are from Singapore and there is no embassy here that can handle visa applications.
    Thank you.
  • I am an Australian citizen living in Australia. I would like to go to Tunis on a holiday. Now , I know that I need a Tourist which I can organise via the embassy in Japan. But, how about the transit. Do I need any VISAS for the countries i fly via .

    If someone can shed some light , that would be highly appreciated. and also i heard that Tourists are normally taken for a ride and ripped of their money and belongings. Is that true?

  • Melb - I'm not sure if I have already answered your question under the North Africa section? You can get your tourist visa on arrival at the airport in Tunis. You will need TD35 which you probably won't have. They will let you go through customs and out into the arrivals hall to change money. Then go back and pay for your visa. Give them hassle otherwise it will take a long time. You don't need visas for anywhere if you are only in transit. However, if you go through immigration and out of the airport it is possible to obtain transit visas. Where did you hear that you will be taken for a ride and ripped off?? Yes, you will be charged more than the locals but keep in mind that the Aud$ will take you a long way here and everything will be cheap for you. If you haggle for goods in the markets and you feel happy with the price you pay then you should be happy. I've been cheated in Australia more times than here in Tunis. Come with an open mind, be prepared to respect the culture, learn a few words of Arabic and French and you will be welcomed like a long lost friend.

  • hi im a british citizen and am going to tunisia with my mum,although she is now a british citizen (formly from bangladesh) and has lived here for over 30 years she has not renewed her passport to a british one!does she need a visa to enter tunisia?can we get it once we get to tunisia or do we have to get it from the uk?
  • Reshi - British passport holders do not require a visa for stays up to 3 months. I have no information on a Bangladeshi passport holder. My advice would be to contact the Tunisian Embassy in the UK and get confirmed information.
  • tnx lesley my hol is in 3 weeks n now tunisian embassy are saying i have to send off my mums passport and could take up to 4 weeks!!i dont have 4 weeks can anyone help?can i not go to tunisia and get a visa stamp once i arrive?thats what they do in Turkey,once we arrived in Turkey we had to pay £10 (i think it was) for a stamped visa before they let us through!
  • hello

    I'm planning to go to tunisia on february, I'm from Colombia.. does anyone know how's the visa procedure for colombians?

  • Can anyone tell me if a Nigerian passport holder residing in Nigeria needs a visa to go to Tunis for 4 days? If yes, how much does it cost and how long does it take?
  • I am a South African passport holder with permanent residency in Ireland. Will it be allowed to obtain an visa upon port of entry when entering Tunisia? Or do I absolutely have to apply in advance for a entry visa from the embassy? I visited in Janaury and port of entry visa was acceptable then. Has the rules changed since?
  • Hi Lesley, I'm a Kiwi based in Belfast heading to Tunisia in November. The Rough Guide we have (about 10 yrs old) said I'd need a visa, but then the advice that came from the holiday company (Thomas Cook) said I didn't. So I'm really glad I checked on this website today! Do you have any advice on how I'd get a visa?
  • For the final word on visas for entry to Tunisia you should contact your nearest Tunis Embassy who will give correct information. British passport holders can enter Tunisia with no visa for a maximum stay of up to 3 months. I think this is the same for US passport holders. Australians may buy their visa at the airport on arrival for a maximum of 30 days. New Zealand passport holders should purchase a visa prior to arrival. Most Arab nationality passport holders will not require a visa, but again everyone should check with their nearest Tunis Embassy.

    Al - A Tunisian passport holder MUST have a visa to visit the UK. there are a number of strict conditions that you must meet. Try looking at their website and you will see all the criteria you must meet.
  • I am A Singapore Passport holder working in UK. I am going into Tunisia and from the website, a visa is required. Application approval time is at least 20 days application. There is insufficient time between the date of my trip and!

    Following are my questions:
    1. Can a visa be done on arrival for Singapore Passport holders? (No one responded to Nur's question raised on 4 Sep 2009)
    2. If not, can the Visa be applied for without the submission of the original passport at the Tunisian Embassy in UK (I need the passport for a business trip)
    3. Can an expedited application be made? And how long will it take? I have only 5 days.

    Many thanks in advanced. A reply will be much appreciated.
  • Martian - you will need a visa to enter Tunisia. I suggest that you contact the Embassy in London and ask for assistance. I am sure they can process your visa quickly. You will not be able to get your visa on arrival, however, rules can change quickly so my advice is always to check with the Embassy prior to travelling. I don't know if the embassy can issue a visa without your passport??? they will need it to put the stamps into.
  • me & my husband went to tunisia in september 2007 & we didnt have to apply for a visa beforewe went,they just stamped our passport on arrival to airport & it didnt cost us any money.
  • Martian - i'm a kiwi who's just received my visa, I mailed it to London from Belfast exactly 2 weeks ago. Having dealt with the people at the London embassy continuesly for the whole time my best advice to you is, if you are allowed, TAKE IT THERE YOURSELF! Good luck mate.
    Also, Lesley, thanks for the advice.
  • I have been reading the comments on visa@s for tunisia,i am going to tunisia next week and i have been told that when we arrive there we have to give them £10 to enter the country? is this true. i am british.
  • Dear all, thanks for the comments.

    I have personally gone to the embassy in London (valleyboy, this is definitely allowed, simply walk in) and have placed the application forms. No original passport will be required for the visa application and applications made on behalf of someone else is also possible (just simply sign on behalf of the person). I have yet to collect the visa and am still awaiting it.... fingers crossed!
  • Sue, my girlfriend is Irish and she didn't need a visa or to pay in. As i understand it anyone from europe gets in free. We traveled from Belfast so i guess 1/2 the people were on British passport and I don't remember seeing anyone pay. The only time we were asked for money at customs was on the way out when the officer cheekily asked if we had any dinar left over to buy him a coffee! It's a fun country, don't be afraid to bargain hard and you'll have a great trip.
  • I posted mine from Belfast and i had a heck of a time getting it back. Couriers don't like picking up from Embassies.
    I'd advise you to go to London yourself. Give them a ring to confirm that. You'll need to be patient though, I was on the phone to a girl called Satiha constantly for about 2 weeks and I found her very unhelpful.
  • There are many nationalities that do not need to purchase a visa. If you hold a British passport you are given up to 3 months stay gratis. If you are from Australia you must purchase a visa on arrival. This costs TD35 for up to 30 days. Those from NZ must have a visa prior to arrival. Citizens of the USA may have a visa up to 4 months. To purchase a visa on arrival you must pay in Tunisian Dinar - foreign currency is not accepted. If you do not have TD you will be permitted to enter the arrivals hall, change money at the bank or cash machine and re-enter to pick up your visa. For short stays up to 1 week the amount is approx TD20. Of course this is per person. If you hold French citizenship you are welcome .......... any time!! Many citizens of Arabic countries do not need a visa. Nigerians need to purchase a visa before travel to tunisia. Before you travel to Tunisia YOU SHOULD CHECK THE UPDATED CONDITIONS OF ENTRY!! This is vital as the conditions of entry (to any country) change constantly as do the fees.

    I hope you all enjoy your time in Tunisie - bienvenue!!

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