tourist visa for saudi arabia
  • Is it true that you can't get a tourist visa for Saudi Arabia? I want to take a tour of several countries in the middle east because it's different than the usual Europe or Asia holiday. I'd really like to visit Riyadh, but someone told me that you can't get a tourist visa. Is this true? I'd be visiting with my husband.
  • Yes you are not allowed to have a tourist visa. The only way you cantour Saudi is with a tour operator that has a partner in Saudi and has been approved. That operator will get you the visa authorization and then that gets you a visa, If you look at my web site you can see the tour that we have. We are not allowed to do a tour for two people you need a minimum of 3 people- if you would like to join our trip we have 9 people signed up and it is a go, in Feb 2012.
  • I am also planning for my first tour in saudi.

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