Passport expiration less than 6 months
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    I am leaving for Turkey from Gemany in 2 weeks for a 6 day vacation with my gf and overlooked my expiration date on my Canadian passport which happens to expire in Mar 30 2012. Should I undoubtably renew my visa before departure to Istanbul? Or is there a good possibility that I will be given entry do to my short stay? Thanks.
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    Just as a partial answer, as far as I know, some airway companies declares that we dont accept passengers with passports that valid less than 6 months. You can also check the airway's website.
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    I really wouldn't risk being turned away at the airport!!!

    A lot can depend on the official you get on the day but as a rule most airlines will only accept passengers with 6 months remaining on their passport even for short trips.
  • Hi, my passport expired in august 2013. Currently In uk I planning my journey on next years on march. I will going to eupore trips. Its ok for me?
  • As you are not travelling until March next year ? would renew your passport while you have time.

    March - August only gives you 5 months validity on your passport and some officials at passport control may not like this. Also some airlines will only accept you on board with a minimum of 6 months left on your passport. This is even more enforced, or so it seems, if you are buying 1 way tickets.
  • Hi, how about I make earlier like in december or janaury for traveling eupore trips end of janaury. Then I in France booking one ways ticket go back. Its ok?

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