A Swiss Student Visa
  • Hello guys,

    I have enrolled at Geneva University to do a Masters Course which will start in 21/2/2012. I paid for the fees and got the Confirmation letter. Last week, Geneva University increased the tuition fees and told me that my papers won't be sufficient unless I pay for the increased tuition fees. I paid last week and am still waiting for another confirmation letter for the payment. Applying for a Swiss Student Visa takes at least 8 weeks. Since I am still waiting for the confirmation letter, I have got only 6 weeks left to go through the process of applying a Swiss Student Visa. My question is: Does it really take at least 8 weeks to get a Swiss Student Visa and would they consider my application if I submit my application within 6 weeks as I am still waiting for that letter from Geneva University?! What can I do at this case?! Has anybody experienced that before??

    Your answers are very appreciated.


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