Family visit to Thailand recommended itinary and places to stay
  • Hi I am taking my family to Thailand for 10 full days and if anyone can recommend the best way I plan the following activities it would be much appreciated.

    1. 4 days at Elephant Stay in Attuhaya
    2. 2 days at the flight of the gibbon
    3. Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi
    4. Snake Farm in Bangkok
    5. Pattay Crocodile Farm + Million Stone Park
    6. Samutprakan Crocodile Farm & Zoo
    7. Safari World Klongsamwa
    8. Sriacha Zoo Pataya

    Also to get the most out of our trip would anyone recommend to drop of a couple of the places I have planned.

    Thanks in advance
  • Why do you have to see so many zoos? You can probably see zoos at home. Why not skip some of them and spend a couple of days on the beach?

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