Help! Passport Validity - Can I travel ?
  • Hi, I currently reside in the UK and am travelling to South Africa in the first week of Feb 2012.

    My passport expires in July 2012 but I am due to travel to SA in the first week of February. I have renewed my passport because of the 6 month rule but but have been told it will arrive in 4 weeks which is after I am due to leave.

    Will I still be able to travel to SA for my holiday and back to the UK safely? I am very anxious as I don't want to go all the way and be told I can't go or that I cannot re-enter.

    Your advice and knowledge will greatly help!
  • please send me the response to Potter7--their question re expired SA passport --(But has a British passport) and wanting to visit family in SA.
    What are the options ASAP

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