Passport validity for Australia
  • So im planning on moving back to my home country in australia, ive been living in the uk for 6 months, and im aobut to turn 18 in may, so my passport expires then, will i need to get a new passport before i travel to australia..?

    my mum told me that i cant travel 6 months before my passport expires, i just wanted to know f it was true or not.. ? please help me
  • Do you have an Australian passport?
  • Are you an Australian national? IF so, you do not need 6 months, or even a current passport. They will not refuse you entry if you are citizen.. Or am i missing something with your situation?
  • yes, i was born and lived in australia my whole life..
  • ausgirl - as long as your Australian passport has 24 hours validity left then it is a legal document and you can enter Australia with it............I know I've done it!!

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