On-Arrival Visas for Pakistani Nationals
  • Hi All,

    Me & my wife are planning to go to Turkey on Honey moon, both have valid UK visa and I know that Pakistani passport holders with valid UK visa can get on arrival visa in Turkey, just one confusion, my wife hasn't travelled to UK yet, as per our plan we'll go to Turkey first and then come to UK together, can this create a problem for her getting a visa at the airport? can they raise this issue that she has a visa for UK but never visited there yet?

  • I would contact your nearest Turkish embassy for this question.

    This is the link for the UK Consulate with information for Pakistani passport holders. http://www.turkishconsulate.org.uk/en/visa.asp?PageID=3#3

    I am aware of changes about to take place that affect various countries but none has become official yet!! So not sure if it is speculation :oS
  • Refer below link;
    36 countries grant visa on arrival to Pakistani citizens;

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