Currency questions for Egypt holiday
  • I am contemplating a trip to Egypt principally, however will be visiting other countries such as Greece.
    Is it a good idea to have currency such as US dollars to pay for small items, meals etc instead of using a visa card.
    Is it acceptable/expected that people barter for things, what currency local or otherwise is the best method please.
  • As you mention, it would definately be a good idea to bring some US Dollars with you. You will need some cash, and US Dollars you can exchange almost anywhere - since 1 USD is about 6 LE at the moment. Just a word of advise, not all restaurants will accept visa cards.

    Hope you have a great time.
  • hello there ,
    egypt is a good place to vist, as far currency cuncerns u must have take some us doller with you,
    now a dayz exchange rate for egypt currency is 1 USD=60.37 EGP ,
    it would have been helpful if you had said what dates you want to travel,and I could have then logged in to my computer at work and got the information.
    I work for a major airline.

    John Smith
    Travel Consultant
    7Sky Travel ( )

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