Schengan visa for France
  • My wife and I are planning to take an overnight Eurostar trip to Paris whilst staying in the UK in May. I am travelling on an Australian passport and understand I don't need a Schengan Visa to do this. However my wife will be travelling on a Kenyan passport. I have read that if the travel documents were issued in Australia (as we will book it online from here) she will be exempt like me. Is this true? or do we have to go through the expensive process of getting a Schengan visa for her for a one night stay in France?
  • Unfortunately you will need to get a Schengen visa for your wife. I'm currently dealing with the same process for my South African partner as we're spending one night in Amsterdam en route to the US. It's a little extra effort and expense, but the process should be fairly simple.
  • Thanks Anya for the advice. Yes, I had misread the part about Schengan compliant countries and assumed because Australians were exempt from visas we were one of those countries, but not so. How much info does one have to submit if all we are doing is a one night visit to Paris?
  • The best thing would be to contact the French consulate nearest you, but this site has some good general guidelines on applying for French Schengen visas.

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