safety traveling from Faro to Albufiera by hired car
  • Hi all,
    We are planning a week in holiday to Alufiera in the 17th April 2012, although I am a safe and responsible driver I was wondering if its worth me hiring or organising transfer to and from the airport. I have 3 young children 7,3 ad 2. I beleive you can also hire a satnav to take you around but its the safety element I was more worried about.. could anyone recommend which option is safer and if its easy to driver there ?

    + we are looking at attraction, there doesnt seem like much there, and ideas on where we can go for 2 out of the seven days ?

    Also, I have been told the weather ranges from 11 - 20 degrees, could anyone recommend what clothing we sould take and what the average temp is around mid April time ?

    Thanks in advance


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