Marriage in Tunisia
  • Aini, when do you come to Tunisia. I will be happy to help you and if you email me I will let you have my number
  • Lesley, I will come in August but not yet confirmed the dated. Will email you once confirm. Nice to meet you. You stay in Tunisia?
  • Aini, yes I live in Tunisia so will be happy to give any advice
  • Lesley
    Good... luckily you stay in Tunisia. At least I can get a very good advice from you because you may known more about Tunisia.
    I must keep in touch with you. If you can, I wish to invite you to my wedding celebration.
  • Sorry I ask much but I want no about document my fiance en English or other language and my documents on arabic or nn
    thanks lesley and alathia
  • Abd here is the complete list of documents which I have copied from an earlier post and changed to suit your Irish fiancée. 

    1 You will need to obtain a “Certificate of No Impediment” to Marry. This is known in
    Ireland as a ‘CERTIFICAT DE COUTUME’. The application form is available from the Department of Foreign Affairs Dublin who’ll post  one upon request. There are two types of forms; one for a divorced person and another for non-divorced. The  Certificate de Coutume application can take at least three months to process. 
    2 Your birth certificate (Certificate de naissance) a new one , no older than 21 days
    3 Your fiancée's birth certificate ( she must obtain a new one also)
    4 Your passport and ID card
    5 Your fiancée's passport. 
    6 If you or your fiancée has been married before you will need the divorce certificate or death certificate if your previous spouse died.
    These documents must be translated to French or Arabic when your fiancée arrives in Tunisia for the wedding.The Bureau de l'Etat Civil a la Municipalite will tell you where to where to translate and notarise your documents, where you can get your blood tests done and how to book and arrange your wedding. 
    Many Tunisians marry foreigners in Tunisia so the Bureau de l'Etat Civil a la Municipalite can give you a lot of help.

  • Abd.......if you are still confused please tell your fiancee to email me and I will tell her exactly what she need to bring.

    For you it is easy......taq tariff, certificate de naissance and passport if you have one. You should go to get your certificate de naissance 21 days before you marry. Fhemtnee?

    Give this email to your
  • Hi alethia
    I swear to god I dont no what I do I go to Le Bureau de l'Etat Civil a la Municipalite (beladiya) they same too me you need to go to ambasd for give you permission for marrie.
    I say to they my fiance will take of her ambassad ...but the bureau still say to me she need go to ambassad Ireland in Tunisia for take permission ...I swear to god really I dont now what I do
  • No one needs permission to marry from their embassy. I have assisted many British, Irish and European people to marry in Tunisia and no one needs permission to marry. The beladiya are speaking about the Certificate de Coutume that is the evidence that the person is free to marry and until you have this you cannot marry.

    Some nationalities obtain an affidavit or certificate of non impediment from their embassy but Irish and British people get this in their own country.

    I have given you the phone number of the Honorary Consul call him.

    You are making problems where there are none. Where do you live in Tunisia? 

  • do not need permission to marry.....your certificate de naissance shows that you are single. Alethia is speaking of the document that your fiancee need. She must take permission from her embassy but this is the document that Alethia talk about. All she need to do is go to embassy in Ireland......msh complicate ca va?

    ya aychek...tell your fiancee to email me. It will be easy for me to tell her what she need behi?
    My tell her email me today. Also you email me and I give you information in French.

    You concentrate only on your documents and date of marriage. You csn have certificate de naissance sometimes on same day. It costs tnd1.000 from memory.
  • Lesley sorry to correct you but Abd's fiancée does NOT have to take permission from the embassy she has to obtain a certificate of non impediment from the Department of foreign Affairs in Dublin Ireland NOT from any embassy.

    They cannot book a wedding date until the marriage office sees sight of the foreign brides documents.

    I hope the fiancée contacts you it might help.
  • Alethia, in fact they do not need to sight any of her documents for Abd to set and book a date for the wedding. She brings all the documents with her and the beladya or notaire will stamp and sign. Moreover if you wish to marry in your own home with a notaire he only has to sight the dox before signing of contract.

    in regard to permission, I was using language that abd used and would understand. I would use Arabic but respect that this site uses english language
  • Hello I am from the USA and I am going to Mezzouna Tunisia to visit my husband and I was wondering do you think it would be a waste of time to go to the US embassy of Tunisia and try and get a Visa for my husband to come back with me to America?
  • I will be comeing back to Mezzouna Tunisia do I have to go to the US embasy to tell them I am there or Will I be ok?
  • Theresay, You do not need to tell the US Embassy you are in Tunisia it is of no interest to them.
    As for going to the US Embassy and apply for a visa, that's not how things work and yes you would be wasting your time.  There is a whole process you have to go through which is difficult expensive and can take several months.
  • Okay thanks Alethia that is what I thought but wanted to check anyway have a good weekend.
  • Therese, you know that you have to register with the police? Your husband needs to go to the local police with your passport, but sure you have done this before??
  • Why does he have to go to the police station?
  • To register you. All visitors must register. Where in Mazzouna your husband? Our farm is near, but nearer to Sbeitla than you are
  • It's Sidi Bouzid exactly
  • It's about 30 kilometer from Sbeitla
  • All visitors must register with the police? When did this rule come in? I have never registered with the police and the police would have a very busy time registering ALL the visitors to Tunisia, the police stations would be overflowing.
  • Always been this way. When you check in at hotel they shld take copy of passport and revister with local authorities
  • The way you wrote Lesley is that everyone had to register with the police individually which is incorrect. That could easily mislead people.

    When you stay in a hotel in Tunisia and the majority of people visiting Tunisia travel on package holidays, reporting the people who stay in the hotel people is the responsibility of the hotel NOT the individual. It is the same in many countries not just Tunisia.

    So I do not understand why you are warning Theresay to register with the police.
  • Thanks everyone I am thinking about going to the police station anyway it's not a big deal.
  • Why are you planning to go to the police station Theresay?
  • Therese.....Sidibou zid is a large city. Ask your husband if he know Cebalah (sabalah), thsts where we are.
  • Alethia, travellers, tourists need informstion, correct information would you not agree? If Therese stay with her husbsnd in the family home then she needs to registdr. Simples.

  • Alethia I am just going to check in to be safe I know I don't have to and I didn't when I was there in the past. I will ask him Lesley I think he said that it was 30 kilometers from sabalah
  • I have a friend that married in Tunis and she is from America and he is from Algeria can you please tell me is this marrage leagal he now wants to go and marry another women but wont file papers for devorse her can you please help me??


  • As long as the contract is legal then the marriage is legal. Can you give me some more information.....where did the marry eg municipality, who were the witnesses, does she have a copy of the contract, is it translated for her?
  • Civil marriages performed by an official in compliance with the Tunisian marriage law No 57 are legal. If one or both of the contracting parties are foreign then the marriage must meet the requirements of  the foreigners country. The USA, UK, EU countries, Australia, New Zealand and other Arab and African nations recognise Tunisian civil marriages.

    Tunisia does not allow polygamous marriage but Algeria does, so if he wants to marry again he can under Algerian law. If the Algerian husband remarried in a country that does not accept polygamous marriage then technically he would be committing bigamy.

    If your friend wants to divorce him she can do so in his absence in the USA and then file the divorce papers with the municipality where they married in Tunisia, a Tunisian lawyer can assist with filing the paper at the Municipality. the USA Embassy will have a list of English speaking lawyers in Tunisia.

  • Ill find out more.  He is funny he says he is not married in Algeria I just laugh.


  • Theresay, in what country does the Algerian guy live?
  • I don't know if I am allowed to say but I will see tomorrow inshallah and I'll tell you
  • Good Day! I am a Pakistani Nationality Holder and i have a friend in Tunisia,, She wants to Invite me to Tunisia where we both want to marry, But dont know about the procedure. Can you help us out in this matter please. Regards,
  • Only4u, you must apply for a visa from the nearest embassy of tunisia. She can certainly issue you with an invitation letter but you must provide documentation to the embassy to have a visa.
  • Only4u the Tunisian Embassy is in Islamabad here is there web site and contact details the visa application form can also be found on the home page.
    As for documents you will need to show you have sufficient funds in your bank account to maintain yourself and pay for your airfare., bank statements for at least one month and a letter from your bank confirming you hold the bank account, letter of invitation, proof of where you will stay such as a hotel reservation , evidence of your employment, proof of your address in Pakistan.

    It seems quite difficult for single young men to be granted visits visas so I wish you all the best.
  • Hi i'm from the uk going to marry my tunisian boyfriend this year  i was told i could get the certificate of no impediment
    in tunisia is this true and how long does it take to get it .
  • It is simpler and easier to apply for the CONI in the UK but you can contact the British Embassy for the information you require the directions are here.

  • Sky, you can get the coni from the embassy in tunis. Just depends how long before the marriage you will be here. If it is only a few days then you should get it before you leave the uk, if you are going to be here for a while before then you can get it here. Just keep in mind that what takes a few days in the Uk takes a lot longer in tunis.
  • What does a lady from Italy have to do to marry a man from Tunisia?
  • The same as every one else ! The same documents that you provided Theresay, same translation same blood tests etc. Load of information on here.

    In Italy the Certificate of No Impediment (the document from the non Tunisians country that demonstrates they are not married) is called a Nulla Osta.

  • Hi
    I want no how much time need for marige ..
    beacuse my fiance ...she need no for take ticket ..
    thanks ....
    I swear I confused of beladiya ...they say to me you need go to ambassad irland in tunisia for get permision for marige ..
    Please alethia help me if you have solution
  • My fiance from southern Ireland
  • Abd , I think most people stay two weeks at least in Tunisia when they marry, some longer. Its not just getting married, its the preparation, translating documents, blood tests the wedding and then time to be together after the wedding.
    Please stop being confused, I explained to you clearly, before your fiancée comes to Tunisia she must have a Certificate of No Impediment called in Ireland a Certificate de Coutume.
    This is the permission to marry that the beladiya want. Because there is no Irish Embassy in Tunisia your fiancée must take the Certificate de Coutume from Ireland. 

    It takes 4 months for Ireland to issue the Certificate de Coutume , so has your fiancée applied for this?

  • Abd, as long as you have all the documents and translations certified you can marry quickly. Your fiancee should know exactly what documents she must have. I told you before that she can email me, even you can email me and I will give you all information in
  • Could you please tell me How long would the CONI take to get from Tunisia .
  • Sky, which passport do you hold. It can take sometime here for foreign embassies to issue a coni. It might be better for you to get this before you come.
  • Hi Lesley... i have  British Passport 

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