Schengen visa question..?
  • i'm applying for schengen, have applied before and although i specify that i want the multiple entry and provide the necessary itinerary and hotel/travel bookings they always give a single entry, and for a very restricted period, as per plans.

    i figured that the reason for this lies in the details; my travel plans were spread over long periods (the summer usually) and there was enough times when i got back for the first distination to apply again. i lost a lot of money because of this, either for re-applying for visa or travel cancellations!

    my question is: is there a way to guarantee a multiple visa? some say that the French are the best and that they give six month multiple entry visas very easily, is that correct? how about appeals, i dont want to loose more money on this.


    PS: i am a Jordanian with a UK resident permit.

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