Going to Cape Town - should I fly BA or SAA?
  • I am a regular visitor to Cape Town (from London) and would be interested in people's thoughts on flying there any airline preferences - BA or SAA or another airline? Here's mine.

    British Airways
    One of the advantages of BA is that Terminal 5 at Heathrow is great, excellent shopping and good restaurants. They also usually have a couple of flights a day/ night and are fairly efficient but they seem to put their oldest planes on this route and the headsets etc often don't work. I am British and have always had a loyalty to BA and also thought they would be the safest. There prices were always similar to SAA but I recently started flying there for a shorter time – Monday to Friday – and their prices escalated so I thought I try SAA.

    South African Airways
    SAA charge almost half the price for a Monday to Friday trip and as I discovered Terminal 1 is fine, although the SAA boarding gate is the very furthest and you need to allow a good 20 minutes to walk there. The SAA planes are much newer and the cabin staff are more charming. The plane also leaves a bit later and seems to take a bit longer which means that unlike on BA you are not woken up at 5 in the morning to be presented with an inedible breakfast. The SAA frequent flyer club (Voyager) is also miles better than BA Miles – you are much more likely to be rewarded with an upgrade than using BA miles.

    The supper on both BAA and SAA are fine but I always try to eat in the terminal, watch a short movie on the plane and then get my head down. I always avoid breakfast.

    Other airlines
    Virgin fly to Cape Town, I have never gone with them but I hear they are good, but they fly irregularly. For the cheapest deals you need to fly indirectly, usually via the Middle East.

    look forward to other comments.
  • Hi Mathieu,

    From your comment, I'm guessing you're flying to Cape Town from London? I've never made that trip directly, as most airlines route flights to Cape Town via Joburg. However, I just booked a direct flight from Cape Town to Amsterdam via KLM, who I've always had good experiences with. We'll see how it goes!

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