Tourist visa for TURKEY
  • Hello,

    My husband and I are Indian Nationals. He holds a valid Work Permit valid till October 2013.
    I am on a dependant visa on his. We want to travel to Turkey this summer. I have heard that people who hold a valid UK visa will be allowed to Turkey without a visa. Once arrived in Turkey, the officials issue a sticker type visa on the spot after paying the necessary fees.

    Could anybody please guide me on this if we need a visa in advance or not ?

  • If i were you. You have to take a good step on having a visa so whenever you arrive in there you will no doubts in mind.
  • hi

    i am planning to turkey on my friends wedding for a week. i have all the required documents. however, what do i need to show for accommodation proof. as i am going to stay in my friend's home.
  • kiran: Generally, a letter from your friend stating that she will provide accommodation while you're in the country is enough.

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