Passport expiry: 6 month validity rule
  • Hi,
    We are on our way to Morroco very shortly. I just read somewheres that your passport has has to be good for 6 months. I am a Canadian citizen and I just realised that mine expires in 4 months. Do you think they will let me in the country ? We are going for 2 wks.
    Thanks !
  • Magautre - my advice to you is that if you have enough time get a new passport. Depending on the city you fly to they are fairly forgiving at the immigration. However, better to be safe than sorry. You should be able to get a new passport in just a few days.
  • i am planning on traveling to kenya in two weeks time but have realised my passport expires in 3 months time and i think they apply a 6 month validity rule. Do you think i could get away with it if i took a chance?
  • Ray - don't take a chance. Get an emergency/temporary passport issued - takes 48hours where i'm from.
  • Moroccan customs are very particular. It would be a real shame if you arrive from Canada only to be "turned away". For the sake of a trip to your passport office; I agree that it would be wise NOT to take a chance. can give you some info on Marrakech for when you arrive. Best of luck and enjoy your holiday.
  • David or anyone else, I urgently need your help...

    I am Russian, studying in the British university on a student visa. My passport and visa will expire on 24th January 2011. I am invited for a job interview in Germany on 6th August 2010. Is there a 6 months' passport validity rule for entering the UK? Will I be given entry back to the UK without problems or the situation "It is not awlays enforced, but it the immigration guy has the right to enforce it" is still possible?

    Many thanks,
  • I am travelling to Morocco in 24hrs with my husband from Spain. We are British citizens. His passport expires in 4 months. This is a surprise trip for him. Will we be allowed entry?
  • A similar enquiry - I've just realised my Irish passport expires on 22 Feb 2011 and I'm due to go to Marrakech on the 12th Nov 2010 for 4 days holiday - I can't get a renewed passport in time as the Irish Passport Office cannot guarantee a quick turnaround time. Am I better off cancelling my whole trip?
  • My passport expires in January 2011 but I will be traveling in November 2010 to Mexico will I be okay to travel
  • I am planning to study in canada , i have received my offer letter and got all the documents ready to apply for a student visa but my passport is going to expire in the next 6 months . my question is that , is my passport applicable foe applying for a canadian student visa with 6 months remaining .......i wanted to apply for the visa 1st and then send it for renewal coz this is situation is comfortable for me...
  • Nader - your visa is linked to your passport and number, therefore if you get a new passport you should have the visa linked to the new number. I am not sure how Canada immigration would react if you had the visa in your old passport and presented your new passport. Perhaps the easiest is for you to get your new passport before applying for the visa
  • i am from india, i want to apply for study visa in canada for 2yrs course but my passport will expires in 1.5yrs. so i want to know whether it is prolem to get my visa in embassy?
  • Question ... I am travelling to Australia end of November 2011 until 12 January 2012 ... my passport expires 12 June 2012 do I have enough time left on it to re-enter the UK
  • We are going to Cyprus in October returning to UK 24th - my son's passport expires early April 2012 resulting in it being just out the 6 month validity period - do I need to get him a new passprt this year ? Obviously as 5 yr passport reluctant to renew 'early' if not required. Thank you
  • Renewing your passport early is advisable, any remaining time will (or should) be added on to the life of the passport so you will have 5yrs and 5 and a bit months.
    btw - passports last 10 years in the UK.
  • I have to children travelling from the usa to kenya in 4 weeks...their passport is expriring in april 2012. Can they still travel to kenya? they are biritsh nationals and will be having a stop over in the uk for a day. I know that they will not have a problem travelling to the uk, but will they be ok to travel to kenya? they will only be in kenya for 2 weeks and will return to the usa before the year (2011) ends. please advise

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