i am italian my husband is dominican can we travel to us
  • hi everybody, i'm new here, i just have a question, i hope you guys can help me out!
    i am italian and i have a valid european passport. my boyfriend is dominican. we haven't get married yet but we are planning to do it soon. currently we both live in dominican republic.
    my question is: if we get married here in dr and decide to travel to us for vacation, like for one month, does he still need a visa to travel there? cause i can travel with my passport with no problem, since italy qualifies for the visa waving program but what about him? usually dominicans cannot travel, they need to apply for a visa and even so, they might not give it to him. what happens if he is my husband and we just want to go there for vacation? what do we have to do? thank you very much!
  • Hi starblind,

    Your marriage doesn't affect your husband's visa status as much as his passport does. If he's travelling on a Dominican Passport, he'll need to apply for a visa to visit the US. This will only change if he's granted Italian citizenship.

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