Melbourne time to visit
  • I'm going on holiday in Australia and want to visit Melbourne and was wondering when is the best time to go weather-wise? I don't like heat and don't want to go for beach weather but also think that rain probably isn't good if i want to do sightseeing and exploring; is there a cooler not too rainy season? What is the best time to visit Melbourne?
  • Sure Australia is best for tourist because it has many top attractions. Melbourne is also best and famous for attractions and beaches. July-August and Oct-Nov is peak time for Melbourne.
  • Australia, when it comes to my mind I get very excited as the place is full of beautiful destinations like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane , Cairns etc . Melbourne is a beautiful city which is Known as the city of “four seasons in a day” . The best time to visit this City is Oct - Dec. Just go and enjoy !!!

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