Best place in Belgium for eating/drinking?
  • I've always loved classic Belgian food like frites, waffles, chocolate, beer, and more; so I've decided it's time to take an eating holiday to Belgium! Where is the foodie center of Belgium, a good place to try all of the country's classic dishes? I really am interested more in the casual types of food mentioned, not in trying out great classic fancy restaurants or anything like that. Any tips on which ciy/cities to go to, and any particular cafes/shops/stalls/markets, would be greatly appreciated!
  • LOL, I see not many people are answering your question, and I just joined this forum, but I hope you will read this some day.

    The best places to go are :

    Beer and frites = Antwerpen
    Chocolate = Brugge
    Waffles = Brussels
    Wine and liquer = Liege (Luik)

  • Thanks for the suggestions! I'm also interested in the food and drink of Belgium, but more specifically the wonderful trappist ales. Any suggestions where would be a good place to sample those?
  • Anya, I believe Chimay is the most famous of Trappist ales, they make fine cheese to. You visit Scourmont Abbey about 2 hours from Brussels. The abbey has a guest house, restaurant and shop. 
    I have one beer glass left as a memento of my visit !  
  • Try quiches at Brussels' Pâtisserie le Saint-Aulaye
  • Thanks a lot for the valuable suggestion. I will surely go to the Brugge for testing the chocolates.

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