Schengen visa - India national with UK dependent visa.
  • Hi All,

    Please can someone help me with following query?
    I am an Indian passport holder and currently hold UK dependent visa valid till Dec 2012. I plan to visit UK for around 15 days in Sep-Oct 2012 and want to visit some of the EU countries covered under schengen visa.
    My query is - can I get a schengen tourist visa from India and enter EU from UK?
    As per FAQs on Netherlands Schengen visa site - return flight tickets booking details are required for getting tourist visa. However in my case my return tickets are for UK. Will this be an issue?

    Thank you..
  • You can apply for a Schengen visa at your nearest Netherlands consulate in India. The flight requirements for most countries is for return OR onward tickets, meaning they don't really care where you go after, as long as you prove you have made plans to leave their country. So you should be fine with tickets to the UK.
  • thank you..
  • Hi, can an indian person with a UK Tourist visa apply for a schengan Visa in the UK ? If it can be applied from UK, how to apply and what documents needs to be furnished ?
  • Some Schengen countries use discretion and allow this. France does not. 

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