Surfing In Morocco
  • I'm thinking of going surfing in northern Morocco, has anyone been before and can give me some advice on where to go/stay? I'm thinking of booking with African Spirit but will look at other recommendations.
  • Morocco is a good place for surfing, and I think Aglou is a good point for surfing, it is Away from the busy area of Taghazout, Aglou is not that famous yet and definitely does not have top wave-quality but good for visitors and tourist who want to surfing during travel.
  • To avoid the business of taghazout, try surfing with a tamraght based company. I definatley recommend Surf Star Morocco, had a great time with those guys, local people but who have learn english and have europeans helping out. great vibe. everyone said its the best place to surf, and tamraght is quieter version of taghazout with more local families etc so you experience the culture in a better way
  • I would recommend the Morocco surf camp which Stoke Travel organises. The first time I went surfing was through this agency and I really liked it. They were very beginner friendly and I would go a second time if i had the chance. There are also some other surfing spots but I would recommend Morocco Surf Camp!
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