Safety in Cuba
  • Can anybody give me some feedback on personal safety in Cuba? I hear the political situation is pretty stable at the moment but I'm interested in travel safety in Havana in particular. Is it safe to walk around alone?
  • By any measure Cuba is one of the safest developing countries in the world that receives a lot of foreign tourists and Havana is arguably the safest city its size anywhere in the Caribbean, Mexico and Central/South America.

    Use the same common sense and street smarts that you would in any big city in Latin America and you'll be fine.

    Have fun.


    PS You might find this interesting:
  • Thanks so much for the feedback.
  • Have a great trip.

  • I have been going to Cuba for over 25 years and it has changed, especially in the last 5 years. Walking is usually very safe, but you will be approached by Cuban's selling fake cigars, people asking you what you are looking for, bar's, etc. use common sense but don' t stop it from enjoying yourself. If you get into a street dance or a bar dance, with strangers, watch your valuables. I have personally seen pickpockets do their work. Enjoy yourself, use common sense, and you will have a great time.

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