Sailing in the British Virgin Islands
  • Hi all - I'm interested in the British Virgin Islands as a sailing destination. I am not an experienced sailor but I have heard its a safe and forgiving ocean and a good place to learn. I'd welcome any advice on how to go about organising such a holiday and general recommendations about what to see and do while there.
  • Hi Laurence,
    The British Virgin Islands are a sailor's paradise because the trade winds are reliable, the sea is generally calm and the weather is great. In addition, the scenery is very beautiful and scuba diving and snorkelling are popular because of the clear water. Check out this basic British Virgin Islands Travel Guide for some information on sailing and the various Ports of Call, as well as general attractions and activities in the BVIs.
  • Hi laurence,

    I am a charter broker that can assist you, in finding the right company that will suit your needs. Please email me at for further details.

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