Singapore in January?
  • is it the right time to visit singapore for honeymoon in the month of january keeping the climate in it too rainy or bearable rains???? there is lot of confusion regarding the climate in my please help me with it...
  • Hi there,
    November, December and January are usually the wettest months in Singapore as it is their monsoon season. Singapore doesn't have distinct seasons though; it is hot and humid all year and no matter what time of year you go you'll probably experience some rain. January is actually the coolest month which is not a bad thing as Singapore can get oppressively hot and humid. You may well experience rain most afternoons and evenings though. Hope that helps!
  • Yes I agree with Ella..

  • January is the best month to visit is best place for honeymoon.
  • December and January are best months for Singapore. Singapore is best for Honeymoon because it has many top attractions and top beaches which is famous in the world. Your thinking is good for choose Singapore place for Honeymoon.
  • i hope that the rains are not so much in Singapore that i have to spend the entire day in my room itself...and guys please help me out as to what i should club with Singapore...Bali or star cruise if i have to choose from any one???
  • Yes ,its a good time for honeymoon in Singapore.You can visit more places for tour est places.

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