Travelling to Cuba
  • I am willing to help anyone coming to Cuba and explain how it is here in my country, I also speak French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and German. I can show you everything around
  • Where do you live? How do you acquire your Internet access? How much do you charge to be a guide?

  • All the best to you, and good luck.

  • I live and work part time in Cuba so yes, I have been to Santiago many times and enjoy the city very much.

    If you're serious about being a guide then I think it is a much better business plan to be up-front and have specific costs for your services.

    Leaving it up to the foreigner to decide what you're worth is uncomfortable and not professional.

    My dos centavos...

  • I'm from Vietnam.Cuba and Vietnam are the two neighboring countries. I hope once visited Cuba and I will contact you

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  • OK. my friend whenever you decide to come I will be waiting for you, it would be my pleasure to show you all the beauty my country possesses. Take care!!!!
  • Cuba is a great place ? I want to know about some information about musandam Dibba ?
  • Hello, thanks for writing to me from Dubai, when you say you want some information about Musandam Dibba what you mean exactly, I've heard it's a nice place in Oman
  • Hahaha....


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