Visa for tanzania
  • I've never traveled internationally. I do have my passport already- I'm wondering if I should get a tourist visa or business visa for this. I am trying to stay for at least 3 months in Tanzania, would like to stay for 6. I plan to work while I'm there so I am thinking I need a business visa, but I don't have to work & its my understanding that tourist & business visas have different expiration dates. Also, is it better than I go ahead & order a visa online now or should I wait & do that at the port of entry? Honestly, If you could just tell me anything about traveling to Tanzania that you yourself would need to know & anything helpful I would be so grateful! Thanks!
  • i am inindia,i have A1 visa of tanzania,can i do job as a permanent basis?i want to sett in tanzania?
  • Always google. you will find links to almost all embassies around the world. find the one that is located closest to you to find out if you require a visa or further information.

    Bellow is the tanzanian embassy in the USA but since they are not a part of the passport share, everyone requires a visa to enter.
  • I'm planning , this present year 2009 to apply for u.s tourist visa (still in planning not yet done until now) but i dont expect a call from my manpower agency here in philippines job from Tanzania East Africa. My question is what if in case im approved for non u.s non immigrant visa and when i still want to pursue my application for the job in Africa and the following steps is present documents like passport what if they find out im a non immigrant u.s visa holder am i still entittle to work in Tanzania East Africa I want to find out what will be the complication or proble can arise for this. thank you

  • HI Jan'
    do apply for the visa(business) are you country of residence its easier/advicable than going to do it on landing.
    once you have it you do not need a tourist visa for local travel whilst there.
    for the other travel details you requested need to know where you are originating and your nationality plus rough budget for tourist activities + you interests.
    davia gn
  • I am travelling into DAR Novemer to stay there til February. Could someone please help me with my visa requirements? I am lead to believe I can get a visa on arrival at DAR airport, and will need $50 for this. Could you please tell me what else I will need apart from $50. I am a British citizen.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have looked on many sites all for them to say different things.
  • Hi my name is mariyam and i am planing to marry in april 2010 with tanzanian person so after my marriage how cn i get my visa quikly .
  • Hi my name is mariyam and i am planing to marry in april 2010 with tanzanian person so after my marriage how cn i get my visa quikly .
  • I amm flying into Dar and am getting a visa at the airport.
    Is it very time consuming?
    Also, someone said I need to bring 2 passport photos.
    Is thar true? makes no sense.
  • yes, bring the passport photos, and leave 30 minutes for getting the visa.
  • Travelling in East Africa is not hard as long as you have a valid passport (6 months and above) plus your country of origine is not shortlisted. You will get your visa on arrival (Boundary from Kenya or JRO airport) within 10 - 30 minutes dependning on the number of clients available at the time of application.

    We always advise our clients to apply for Visa from the country or commencement so that checkout at the aiport is faster. One of the requirments to put in Mind when visiting TZ is the yellow fever certificate.
  • Hello, I will be travelling from Lagos to DAR with KEnya Airways. I am italian and I have read that it is not recommended for italians to get the VISA at the arrival in Tanzania. Is it true or I can fly with my valid passport and yellow fever certif and get the visa when there at the airport? Thanks in advance.
  • I am planning on visiting Tanzania over these holidays. I am back packing from here in South African all the way to Tanzania, I am living next week Monday, can I get my visa by then?
  • Skraal, if you're travelling on a South African passport then you should be able to get a visa on long as you have all the documents you need for onward travel.

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