Surfing trip overseas
  • I'm organsing a surf trip overseas with three of my mates for 2 weeks but we're totally torn between heading to Indo or Mexico (Baja California). Both are equally appealing and both have some pretty sick waves. Obviously Indo would be cheaper but I'm a bit worried 'cos it seems like Indonesia is becoming quite touristy lately and every second guy I chat to in the water has been.

    Can anyone tell me which is better? I plan on doing both, it's just a question of which one I do first.... Or if anyone knows of some other sweet spots that they've explored - any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  • Check out Palau Nias, off the coast of Sumatra in Indonesia. Best surfing in Asia according to some...
  • If you want no crowds then forget the main breaks on Bali. Though that said, you will have a great time if you go - the people are great and only Ulu's is unbarable.

    Me I'm off to Baja this year.....
  • You cant go wrong in Baja. Some sick waves for more experienced surfers.

    Indo: Too many secret spots and you know the code.... but check out G-land, Lakey Peak, Supersucks, and Dreamland

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