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  • Hi All,

    I have a indian passport and currently working and residing in Doha, Qatar.I am planning to visit Jordan. Do i need a visa prior or will i get a visa on arrival. My wife is also travelling with me and she also has residence permit from Qatar. The only thing is she has been in qatar for last 4 months. Should she stay in qatar for atleast 6 months in order for her to travel to jordan

    Your responses are much appreciated.
  • Hi,i am a filipino holding a filipino passport, i would like to ask help how and what are the requirements to get a visit visa to jordan, i have a friend inviting me he is a jordanian. tnx pls need to know...thnx alot
  • Hi,i am a filipino holding a filipino passport, i would like to ask help how and what are the requirements to get a visit visa to jordan, i have a friend inviting me he is a jordanian. tnx pls need to know...thnx alot

    my email add;
    your response are very much appreciated.
  • nassy - you need to have your visa prior to arriving in Jordan. You must contact your nearest Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, complete the forms, provide the documentation and pay the visa fee.
  • I am a us citizen (plain ole white thinking to move to Amman Jordon with my three children ages 13,12 and 9 I would like to know how hard it would be for a single mother to live hard is it to find a job...and can a my size family live off $1500.00 usd per month...(this is not counting any money i will make with career) and do i have to get a apecial work visa to get employed????? Thank you for reading this and for any questions you might be able to answer! Salam
    My email is
  • Sweetsufia - firstly why pick Amman? Do you speak Arabic? It will be difficult for you with three children, however, if you have friends or family there it would be much much easier. Jordan is a bit difficult at the moment and you will have a very, very difficult time finding a job to be honest with you. You will need a visa for residency and of course to work there. You could probably live off USD1500 per month outside of Amman. The cost of living in Amman is quite high and the rents can be very high.
  • Steven, if you hold an Australian passport you can get your visa on arrival, however, if you are travelling on your Iraqi passport you must have a visa prior to travel. You can organise this very quickly with the Embassy of Jordan in Melbourne or Sydney
  • Hi i was applying for visa in consulate of jordan im a filipino nationality. In the consulate they said i cant visit jordan since i have sales visa in my residence visa in my dubai, but the truth is I'm not working as sales in our company I'm working as customer service representative. I have complete forms and contact no. with my sponsor they can call and clarify my position in case. Still i apply my visa and hoping that they will approved.

    Please advise what will be the procedure in case they will reject my application, i already book a ticket and hotel in jordan we are group going there and my friends got their visa,. only me who's unlucky.

    Please help me. Please send me an email for any advise (

    Thank you
  • hi m indian citizen at present working in jordan.i am planning to bring my family in jordan on visit visa.for that i got 3 months single entry visit visa. please tell me what is the procedure to travel? i have booked return ticket it required OK to Board ?
  • I need to know if A South Korean on a visit visa here in dubai can get a visa upon arrival in the airport of JORDAN? help plsss...
  • Hi vishal I want to come jordan to search job pls could you tell me how is the market as i have 8 years experince in marketing.Pls mail me my Id is
  • Hi, I will be travelling to Jordan on 11th May 2012 for 2 weeks for a holiday, I have applied for a visa at the Indian embassy but i have received no response. if i get Indian Passport back from the embassy at new delhi can i get a visa on arrival at jordan.


    Totally confused
  • I am planning to visit Jordon on tourism. I had told that you can make visa on arrival. I inquired about jordon embassy but could not get reply. I am totally confused what to do?
  • Hello, anyone can help me please. I am a Filipina and living in China and holding a business visa in China. I would like to visit Amman JOrdan. I have heard from other filipinos that, Filipinos doesn't need a visa prior arrival to Jordan if enter at aqaba. How true is this? what will be the processes as i am staying in china and not going back to Philippines?Please enlighten me. My email: help will be highly appreciated. thanks..!
  • Hello
    Have a good day all ..

    I'm Jordanian citizen i saw your reply on websites , so i guess maybe someone can help me in my inquiry , actually i have a Girl Friend Filipino citizenship , now she work in Saudi as a Nurse , she will had her vacation soon and i want her to visit me here in Jordan for two weeks as a tourist visa , and i guess in Philippines there's no Jordanian Embassy .. so how can i fix this issue ..where she had to go , and what to do ? anything i can do for her from Jordan that maybe help her to proceed the visit visa like invitation letter or something ?

    Thank you in advance
  • Hi all! I am an Jordanian citizen holding a national id-card but I lost my passport travelling in Europe. Will I have problems getting back into my country without a passport?
  • Hi,
    I just need to know how long i need to stay in Amman if I apply for my British Passport ? Should i wait the whole processing time ???  or can i go back to my country and collect my passport from the British Embassy there ?? Just to know and prepare my traveling arrangements .

    Thanks in advance ,
  • hi,am a zambian and need to know how i can get a jordanian visa?

  • If you will be in in Jordan for less than 24 hours en route to the USA you will need to apply for a free of charge transit visa. Iraqi citizens must apply for a Jordanian visa before they arrive in Jordan.

    The address of the Jordanian Embassy in Baghdad is :-</div>
    Tigris compound 2, Villa No. 3 (behind the U.S. embassy)
    Diplomatic Quarter, Green Zone
    PHONELOCAL: 781.277.7667
    INTERNATIONAL: +964.781.277.7667

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