Visa for Zambia
  • Does anyone know if the Zambian Embassy will work through the email contact listed on their website for passport holders from India? Also does anyone know if we need to have actual tickets purchased or if we can print out a proposed itinerary and submit that? It do not want to purchase tickets if there is a chance that we would not receive a visa in the time frame requested. Any input would be appreciated! Thank you!
  • If you hold an Indian passport; but are in possession of an American Green Card, you may apply on line. The address to contact is

    If you hold an Indian passport, you may not apply online. You must apply to the Zambian Embassy in India. Herein the contact details:
    Telephone: 91112 410 1289 or 91112 410 1292
    Fax: 9112 410 1520

    Kind regards,
  • is there any way to get an extended visa? For example if some one wanted to stay for 6 months or more, are there visa's that cover this length of time?
  • Do American visitors need to get a visa in advance or can one be purchased on arrival in Zambia. If so, how much?
  • Singapore passport holders do they require a visa to enter Zambia?
  • Dear Traveleverywhere / checkmate

    Zambia does not have a lot of Embassys and the only one is in Tanzania but I can assist you to obtain the visas and help with your travel arrangements contact me at
  • This is correct, if you hold a Singapore or Indian passport, you can not obtain an entry visa at the port of entry, but instead must apply for one at a Zambian foreign mission. There's also a firm in Lusaka that will help you submit your application directly to the Zambian Immigration Headquarters, see It's usually not difficult but you have to allow sufficient time for processing (apply directly to HQ if you're in a hurry). American and British passport holders can get a visa at the port of entry (current fee for a single entry visa is $50). AJ
  • Hello,

    does anyone answer these inquiry's?

    I need the same information as Anita in July.

    If I need a visa can it be obtained in Zambia?
  • Anita and Maggie: US passport holders can get a visa on arrival in Zambia at a cost of USD135. See Word Travels for more details:
  • i'm holding s.a. passport, does one need a visa to travel to zambia .
    I will be attending a three week artist workshop in zambia
  • patrick - did you click on the link directly above your post? The answer is in there.
  • If i am a Croatian Citizen and are in south africa what documents do i need to apply for a Zambia Visa
  • i am from philippines, i would like to inquire where to apply tourist visa going to zambia and how much does it cost. i have philippine passport. i am filipino citizen. please answer my query asap. thanks a lot.
  • honey - you will need to use a visa service like as there is no consular support for Zambia in Phil.
  • Nationals os Singapore do not require a visa to enter Zambia if only staying for a period not more than 90 days. Citizens of the EU countries, Canada and the USA can obtain a Visa at the port of entry for $50 single entry. An extension of your visa can be done at the Immigration offices in all Provincial Capitals.
    Zambian Citizen.
  • Can Indian passport holder get Zambia Visa from South Africa???
  • everyone's comment is so helpful, but i done have much knowledge about this, what i will do if i m in the situation, i will simply contact wit the zambian embassy, and will get accurate information.

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