tourist visa for cruise ship passengers
  • Does anyone out there know if you need a tourist visa to Cape Verde if you are arriving via cruise ship for the day and do not intend to leave the ship?
  • Not good news. I had (apparently unfortunately) relied upon a web page notation :

    that stated that a visa could be purchased upon arrival for 25 Euros. Is that not correct?

    From your short answer it appears that my cruise is in distinct jeopardy.
  • I also tried to apply for a visa from

    on their site. They have a drop down menu that allows you to simply fill in the blanks and they will email you a visa within 7 days. However, when I tried it, the site simply kicked the application out. I assumed it was because they are only set up for airline passenger traffic. They only had a space for flight information.

    Do you have any suggestions on who I should beg to in order to get past this problem?
  • I also put in a clarification request to Cape Verde Visa and nothing back from them yet. Same thing for Corporate Traveler. But it has only been a few hours and it is the weekend. Hopefully someone out there will have some good news tomorrow. I think praying is in order right about now.
  • Hello Mona

    I have been advised that when one is passing through Cape Verde on a cruise ship a visa is NOT required. This was confirmed by three sources. A visa company, a former member of the cruise lines and the hotel director of the ship I will be traveling on all advised we would be good without it.. This is fantastic news.
    So it looks like we will be taking the cruise after all.

    Travel safely.
  • Hi there,

    As a general rule, you don't need to bother with a visa if you don't intend to leave the cruise ship (although there are exceptions). I'm glad you got your information sorted out!

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