Correct date for midsummer day in Sweden
  • I'm trying to find out when midsummer day will be in 2010. I've searched various sites on the web and have found conflicting reports, some say June 19th and other says June 26th. Does anyone know the correct date?
  • Midsummer is celebrated the weekend following the third Monday in June
    Alas Midsummer Day on a Saturday 20th to 26th June and Midsummer Eve 19th to 25t June. Midsummer day is 2010 Saturday 26th June.

    Note! that in Sweden it's "Midsummer eve" (Friday 25th 2010) that's celebrated. Same as with Christmas Eve.

    The summer solstice on the other hand, when the night is the shortest of the year, is on 21th June.

    Hope you will enjoy Midsummer!
  • Where is the very best place in Sweden to celebrate Midsummer Eve?
  • Check it out here:

    Syringalathyrus: Looks like Stockholm is the first choice for many.
  • You have to visit the Dalarna region of sweden to celebrate Midsomar Weekend in its true traditional manner. Visit Leksand where the full beauty of Midsomar is traditional
  • Midsummers Day is always on 24th June. It is one of the fixed dates on the calender.
  • I am hoping this year to dance naked under the moon on the 26th, which seems to be the consensus to be midsummer's night. I guess i should do it Friday night as it is supposed to be on midsummer night's EVE, right?
  • WOW..the full moon is the 26th.....this will be the year!!! It will be close enough to full on the night of the 35th. maybe I'll dance naked under the moon BOTH nights!!!
  • when do u celebrate it at night or morning?!!!

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