Change of curency in hawaii
  • Can you please tell me if i can take australian dollars to hawaii and get th changed over there. If so do you know the current exchange rate?
  • yes, you'll be able to change aussie dollars, but why dont you just take a visa card and you can just take local currency out of the ATM once you are there?
  • Agree, you can change your currency but you will lose some of the value in the conversion - I mean, how do you think those guys make their money? The visa card option is convenient and probably your best option - but you must check bank charges before you go and then shop around to get the best deal.
  • How much is an american dollar worth down there? Like say i wanted to trade my dollar for hawaiian money is it worth more in hawaiian over there or more in american? and do they except american cash?
  • Hawaii is part of the US, so the dollar is the currency!
  • Hi.
    I am going to Hawaii on december but i need to know what is the weather like in December in Hawaii? Will it be much warmer?
  • i'm travelling from england to hawaii next year and wandered is it possble to use an english bank card in the atm machines over there or should i chang my pounds into dollars before i arrive.
  • Ploppy, yes you will be able to use your ATM card in Hawaii - assuming it is Visa, Mastercard etc. Note the banks do charge a large percentage for changing currency, but then so do Travelex etc...
  • European, the weather in Hawaii in December is just perfect. Also, sometimes it's a bit windy or rainy, but most of the time it's like the weather the rest of the year, maybe, except, 5 degrees cooler.

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