Life in Lybia for foreigners,not married couple
  • Hi, I am Elena, 22 years. Soon I am going to move to Lybia and I would like to know how life is going on there. Mostly I am interested to know opinion of foreigners, who are living in Lybia or had such experience before. Is there some rules that are not aplicapable to foreigners, some restrictions what I can not fallow. I already red some information in touristic webpages,but I would like to know opinion of real people,who are/were everyday in this country. I am going to live there with my man, yet we are not married. Big Thanks for everyone who can share with me his point of view.
  • If you can answer me to my e-mail it would be great. Thanks!
  • Elena - Libya is a strictly Islamic country. Forget about living with your boyfriend. This will be very hard to do. You can't have a hotel room together and you will not be able to rent a home.

    If you want some more information on Libya let me know and I will send you my email and links
  • Dolly, thank you for your answer,send me please your e-mail and then I will tell you more about my situation.
  • My email is:

    Hear from you soon

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